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Friday, May 11, 2012

Spotlight on. Artist of the Month: He Is We

The He Is We Story
He Is We is a band from Tacoma, Washington comprising of Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly. The two met while working together at Ted Brown Music. And as their website says… “Aside from the Tacoma aroma (local joke!), there was something else in the air. Trevor thinks it was destiny… Rachel still thinks it was the aroma.”
After some time, they started jamming together and that’s how He Is We started; “…the idea that someone who you pass by everyday can influence the rest of your life… and you would never know. It’s the thought and power one person can have over their surroundings.”

The Music
He Is We has been making a lot of music before their album came out. Songs like Too Beautiful and I Wouldn’t Mind which are from their old demos. Their first album came out in 2010 titled My Forever which included the songs All About Us and Happily Ever After. Last year, they also released an EP titled Skip to the Good Part which included a song of the same title.

My Story
I have been listening to the band He Is We since last year. And guess what? Anna and the French Kiss (it's a YA book, for those who doesn't know) actually was the reason I found out about them. Here’s the story: There was a moment I became Anna-obsessed. One day I was browsing through the web looking for some Anna and the French Kiss pictures such as fan made covers, etc. Then I saw a picture with a playlist for the book. One of the songs in that playlist is All about us which is by He Is We. I totally loved the song. It was great! I searched the video, which by the way, is also great. That’s when I started looking for other He Is We songs, downloading their albums and EP. And now, I’m a fan. I just love, love, love their songs. I absolutely love the lyrics plus the tunes are also catchy. 

All About Us ft. Owl City

Happily Ever After

If you want to learn more about the band visit their website:
You can also check out their you tube page at: 
Or, go to their facebook page: 
Do you know any great band which is not on the mainstream? Any artist you want to suggest? 
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