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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Colton Dixon, my season 11 American Idol

For those non Idol fans, some info first…
Colton Dixon auditioned together with her sister Schyler on the last season of Idol where he almost made it but was cut off before top 24. This year he accompanied her sister during the Savannah audition where he merely came to support her and did not plan on auditioning himself. Once Schyler audition though, the judges were able to convince him to audition as well.  The two got a yellow ticket. (Looks like Colton  was destined to be on this season. Watcha think?) The two breezed through the other rounds and when the Las Vegas round came, Schyler did not make it and as you know Colton did. He then made it to top 25 and the rest is, as they say, history...

Colton Dixon is one of my favorites this season. I like almost every take on a song he does, mostly he makes it his own. He’s a true artist. Add to that, he has that certain look when he sings.. Ha! I know he's a good looking guy but that's just a plus factor to his great singing. When he sang broken heart, I'm like "I really like this guy.!" The next week, he sang piano man and I went "I love this guy, he's great!" and it went on and on each week... Officially a messenger (Colton Dixon fan). 

I honestly don't know what happened 'coz he never was a part of the bottom three and he sure seem like a fan favorite. Colton was sure good last performance night but I guess it wasn't good enough. Maybe that Bad Romance performance did it for him?  But I sure did like it and his September number, he definitely made that song his own; I almost didn't recognize the song. Oh well, that's just it, I guess we'll never know.

I’m sure everything happened for a reason and this will certainly not be the end of him. As we have witnessed in previous seasons you don’t need to win to make it big and sometimes... those who got voted off? Has a way bigger career than the winners (think Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry).  So we messengers are sure, he will have a great career ahead of him. We’ll be waiting for you and your very first album. Continue being a great artist and continue glorifying God. This is not the end; it’s simply a beginning for a bigger and brighter future. As Colton puts it “…I know that God has some cool stuff for the future!”  

I'm still rooting for you, Colton, and you still are my season 11 American Idol! ^_^

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