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Friday, October 21, 2011

My oh-so-The-Voice-inspired October Playlist

A weekend with nothing to do got me to watch The Voice marathon over at AXN. Yeah! The show finished months ago and I’m way late. Ha! This then led to my October Dia obsession (Dia’s one of my favorites on the show). Afterwards, I started looking over the internet about Dia and found out she has a band with her sister called Meg & Dia. Later on, I found myself downloading her and her band's songs.

Here are some of my favorites which kept playing on my music player:

Some info about Dia Frampton and her band:

Dia is a singer-songwriter from St. George, Utah. She’s half Korean and half Dutch. Her career aspiration has been to be a voice-over actress, but her considerable singing talents may just steer her elsewhere. A life-long bookworm, Dia also writes novels and children's books.

Dia, together with her sister Meg were the founders of the band Meg & Dia which was formed in 2004.  The band is now a five-piece act with additional members Nicholas Price, Jonathan Snyder and Carlo Gimenez. The band released its first album, Our Home Is Gone, in 2005. At the time, the band consisted of just the two Frampton sisters, and the album's tracks were mostly acoustic songs. Meg played guitar and provided back-up vocals while Dia sang. A year later, they released their second album, Something Real. In 2009 the band released Here, Here and Here. 2011 came their fourth album Cocoon.


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